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Âme conceptional
2012 / Club Zooma
Thanks to Cornelius Dämmrich











Glashaus Bayreuth
2012 / Phon.o
Thanks to Cornelius Dämmrich











Modeselektion at We Ain't Djs
2011 / Schilling x Korndörfer x Pfandfinderei











We Ain't Djs
2011-2012 Saison III











We ain't Djs
2009-2010 / Saison II
Schilling x Korndörfer








2007-2012 / Music Blog











This is 100% non-commercial, and just for personal pleasure
All credits of the original Photography belong to Yu Tsai











We ain't Djs
July, 2009-2010 / Saison I
identity, print, web event concept








Concept by Korf & Schilling












Kunsthaare aus Shanghai
2009 / Illustration












Es ist angerichtet
2009 / Collage DIN A2
Saturated modern love life.














2009 / Collage DIN A2
















Schrift- setzen, Sechs
To obviate missunderstandings: read the small print.
June 16, 2009 / DIN A2













Download 01/02











KitKuts Basslife
2009 / Mix CD
identity, artwork, print

























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 is the online portfolio of 25-year-old Philipp Schilling from Plauen/Germany, currently living in Berlin. Kid of the 90ies, interested in technics, heart&mind, music, art, entertainment platforms, cyber- & clubculutre, nothing but blue sky skies.

Contact: Weltraum909(at)gmail(dot)com

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